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Hot Rod Power Tour 2012

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We're taking Route 66 all the way
up to Chiago, over Detroit for the Power Tour and down to Arlington !

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HRPT Day 7 June 8

Day 14 June 8, 2012 Friday
Day 7 of the Hot Rod Power Tour
Stillwater, OK Kicker Complex to Arlington, TX QuickTrip Park

Day 13 June 7 2012

Day 13 June 7, 2012 Thursday
Day 6 of the Hot Rod Power Tour
Gateway Motorsport Park in Miami, OK to Stillwater, OK the campus of University State of Oklahoma

Starting with breakfast on Route 66 at Clanton's Cafe and jumping on the Hot Rod Power Tour official route down to Stillwater OK

Enjoy !

Day 12 June 6, 2012 Wednesday
Day 5 of the Hot Rod Power Tour
Madison, IL Gateway Motorsport Park to Miami, Ok

Taking Route 66 turn-by-turn down to Miami, OK ending up at Buffalo Run Casino.

Day 4 of the Hot Rod Power Tour

Day 11 June 5, 2012 Tuesday
Day 4 of the Hot Rod Power Tour
Campaign, IL the U of I to Madison, IL Gateway Motorsport Park

Day 3 of the Hot Rod Power Tour

Day 10 June 4, 2012 Monday
Day 3 of the Hot Rod Power Tour
Muskegon, MI to Campaign, IL the U of I

HRPT Day 2 June 3 2012

Day 9 June 3, 2012 Sunday
Day 2 of the Hot Rod Power Tour
Warren City Hall to Muskegon, MI

Day 1 of the Hot Rod Power Tour June 2

Day 8 June 2, 2012 Saturday
Day 1 of the Hot Rod Power Tour
GM Proving Grounds

It rained all night but stopped just as we woke up giving everyone time to whipe down their cars before heading to the GM Proving Grounds.   The General Motors proving grounds in Milford, MI is famous for its humongous size and automotively challenging courses.   GM uses this 4000+ acres to test their new concept vehicles.   Today they had hid all the 2014 and beyond cars in an underground bunker due to highly secret shapes and capabilities of future cars.

Entering the grounds we passed many interesting areas of the various testing areas on the way to Black Lake.  The crowd was larger then any single event in 2011.   We entered around 8:45am and the line of cars did not stop until 3pm.

We spent the morning and early afternoon picking up swag and viewing the cars.  We only walked half the cars before it was time to setup the chairs at the main stage.   The Bang Shift crew took a group picture at 3pm and shortly after visiting it was time for the entertainment.

Exiting was an expected cluster, a necessary evil, with an estimated 4000 participant cars all bidding for a spot in line to run the proving grounds straights, banks and road course.   The GM staff curtailed our speeds but still allowed some slight acceleration and turns. 

Overall it was an excellent day considering the weather man had determined different.  Mother nature proved the meteorologist wrong and even provided sun burns.    Forecast for the next six cities looks better with sunny to overcast skies with temperature in the mid 70s to mid 80s.

Day 7 June 1

Day 7 June 1, 2012
Saturday in Detroit and surrounding area

Registration for the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour didn't start until 9am so we neglected to set an alarm.  With plenty of time we woke up, gor ready, packed up, ate breakfast and fought the rain and short drive to the Warren City Hall.  The crowd was weak probably due to the inclemit weather.  Walking with umbrellas through he soggy field we quickly checked in and visited the ONE vendor where we were given a free car drying kit gracialy supplied by the Detroit visitors bureau (obviously as a SORRY for the crappy weather).

Once registered we didn't have anything to do....  we were checked out of the motel and had nearly three hours before the VA Medical Center car show.   We decided to roll back to the Holiday Inn Express were we had stayed the night before.  We knew at minimum they had a bathroom, hot cofee and a warm place to sit.  Turns out that a bucket full of Bang Shifters had the same idea. After wasting 2 hours we decided to caravan to the staging area to stand ready for the VA visit.

The VA Medical Center was great and Linda Chandlers deserves all the credit.   The rain stopped long enough for everyone to enjoy each other's company and for a few of us to risk our lives and walk downtown Detroit to Subway, the only Subway I'd seen with bullet proof glass.

From the VA Medical Center we headed directly to The Lingenfelter Collection.  Not knowing what to expect we unassumingly entered the basic looking warehouse and were shocked by the stunning collection of automobiles.  You had to be there to understand but let the pictures attempt to explain.

From there we headed to our new hotel, the Holiday Inn Express WIXON, MI.   Nice clean rooms, four story newer hotel - packed to the gills with hot rodders.

After a quick break in our room we headed to the dinner party at Diversified Creations shop.  Again , not knowing what to expect we were handed an unbelievable great time.   Mike and his family opened his arms and shot to the roudy group of Bang Shifters.  Turns out Mike has grown his modest shop to an extraordinary industry leading modification and customizing facility.  Mike's son runs the Diversity shop while Mike stays busy having fun, or what he calls work.   Thanks Mike and family, Thanks Lingerfelter and Royal Purple.  Thanks for a great BBQ and show.

We headed back to the hotel arriving a little after 9:00.   Rett and I are on our 7th day of traveling with the Power Tour starting tomorrow.  Day 1 of the Power Tour (June 2) will kick off 7 crazy days of early mornings and late nights.   We wont rest until after the Long Haulers ceremony next Saturday.  

The Lingenfelter Collection

Day 6 May 31 2012 in Detroit

Day 6 May 31, 2012
Detroit, MI

Write up soon

Day 5 May 30

Day 5 May 30, 2012
Detroit, Motor City

enjoy !

Day 5 Part 1

Day 5 Part 2

Day 4 May 29

Day 4 May 29
Springfield, IL to Detroit via Chicago

Write up coming soon

Day 3 Route 66 May 28 2012

Day 3 May 28, 2012
Route 66 Tulsa, OK to Springfield, IL

We set out to see the most of Route 66 of the entire trip today and it proved rewarding.   After staying at the Will Roger's Inn, a typical Route 66 hotel of Route 66, we headed North and zig zagged up through Oklahoma to Missouri and on to Illinois passing through cities like Miami, Joplin, Springfield, Rolla, St. Louis and the other Springfield.    We saw so many sites it's hard to describe the experience. Winding through the country side along side massive fields of corn and crop, crossing decade old bridges and even older bypassed towns while meeting some of the most interesting and eclectic back woods people.

I cannot begin to remember where we were earlier today because each day is equal to the typical experiences of a week long trip.   For the last 4 days we driven around 12 hour a day arriving at the hotel around 9am each night.  What worse, each day we've lost an hour as we cross times zones unknowingly stepping in to a restaurant at 10pm at night.   Two nights now we've been the last in the joint, one night even getting locked in and requiring assistance to leave.  It's all a blur but full of memories.

Please enjoy the pictures and remember each day is about 12 hours and 650 miles.   That would be like driving back and forth from the Vincent's to the Casey's nonstop 13 times without stopping (daily).

Day 3 part 1 - May 28, 2012

Day 3 part 2 - May 28, 2012

Route 66 Day 2 Albuquerque to Tulsa

Day 2 May 27, 2012
Route 66 Albuquerque, NM to Tulsa, OK

Another long day which I'm going to skip a long detailed exciting write up about just to get you the pictures.  I have FULL attentions to update these will all the missing you-know-whats and juicy details of our trials and tribulation.  But for now, here are the pictures.

Route 66 Day 1 Canyon Lake to Alburquerque

Day 1 May 26, 2012
Route 66 from Canyon Lake, CA to Albuquerque, NM

Rett was not on time for the 6:30am arrival but instead early.  I suspect neither of us could sleep anticipating the trip up Route 66 to Chicago, swing over to Detroit for 4 days joining 3000+ of our closest friends for the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour when we'll head South for 7 cities in 7 days ending in Arlington, TX.

We saddled up the 2006 Mustang Shelby GT-H with our 17 pairs of shorts, shirts and undies plus junk to keep us so good looking and headed up the 215 to the 15, hit the 40 and headed East !!!   Yeeehhaaaoooow!!

What a day it was.   It's unbelievable what you can see in one day.. and there's 16 days left.

Because I'm behind a day (excuse to follow) I will be cutting this entry short and letting the pictures do the talking.   Because there's over 150 pictures from today I calculate they're the equivalent of 150,000 words (1000x150=150,000).

Hot Rod Power Tour 2012

Rett and Chuck are gearing up for another Power Tour.  This year we will leave on Saturday May 26 at 7am, up the 15 fwy to the 40 where we'll jump on Route 66 all the way up to Chicago.   We're expecting to arrive in the Windy City on Monday the 28th.   We'll head over to Detroit Tuesday where we are taking advantage of the red carpet "D" is rolling out for the participants on the Tour.

Stay tuned for our daily BLOG and tons of pictures.  This trip will be more busy then last year.  We’d love to hear about your suggestions for sites along Route 66 and near the Cities on the Power Tour.

Here’s the schedule:

May 26 to June 1 - Route 66 from Canyon Lake to Chicago

June 2   Detroit, MI – GM proving grounds

June 3   Muskegon, MI – Downtown Muskegon

June 4   Champaign, IL – Assembly Hall, University of IL

June 5   Madison, IL – Gateway Motorsports Park

June 6   Maimi, OK – Buffalo Run Casino

June 7   Stillwater, OK – Kicker Corporate Complex

June 8   Arlington, TX – Quickstop Park

June 9   Arlington, TX – Long Haulers Ceremony

Last year's Long Hauler's Photo at the GM Proving Grounds