Canyon Lake Car Club

Next meeting: February 2, 2016 5:45pm @ the Lodge

Welcome to the Club

Welcome to the Canyon Lake Car Club.

We meet on the first Thursday of each month.


Canyon Lake California is a small private community with a HUGE passion for classic cars, hot rods and trucks.  Our membership consist of both City and non-City residents who all enjoy the unique passion for classic automobiles.  Members are required to own one or more PRE 1973 automobile(s). 

The Canyon Lake Car Club (CLCC) meets on the first Thursday of every month.  Meeting time and location are 6:30pm at the Canyon Lake Lodge.   The CLCC occasionally rally for breakfast at the Canyon Lake Country Club located on Railroad Canyon Dr.   You can check our "upcoming events" page for more details (UPCOMING EVENTS) on the meetings, breakfast get-to-gathers and other supported events.

We have a diverse membership with equally diverse set of cars and trucks.

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